I have been drawing since I was a little girl – I have always had a knack for it. Years later, I am back where I started. In between I have graduated college, have a career and became a wife and a mother. But my art is what you came to hear about.

I started taking art classes a number of years ago. At first, it was just a hobby to give me a break from the rest of my life. As I began to rekindle my love for painting, I realized that it was more than a hobby for me. I invested in a studio, and have painted any number of different subjects since then. I even completed a work that has been in my head since I can remember – this was one of my most favorite accomplishments, seeing that work become real on the canvas.

  • I paint what I see, or what I feel, or sometimes just what looks right. I create abstract figure, wildlife, still life paintings and drawings. – the style isn’t important, just the act of painting and drawing. I don’t specialize – in fact I use different styles as a break from one another. It allows me to continue to create without getting bored, and gives me a fresh perspective when I come back to a particular work. I have a lot of different ideas rolling around inside, like combining abstract and wildlife art, as well as creating moving, abstract installations.

I hope you enjoy the pieces you see on this site, and comments are always welcome. My journey of creativity can be yours of discovery – come along and enjoy the view!